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2020 Tosai

“These are sample pictures of some of the Tosai we received in January and March of this year. They have all passed quarantine and KHV testing, but it is always safer to continue to quarantine after purchase to ensure the safety of your pond. This year we have received koi from the farms; Dainichi, Hiroi, Hoshikin, Isa, Izumiya, Kondo, Marudo, Maruyama, Marusei, Matsue, Ogata, Omosako,...

Autumn Harvest 2019

Our new koi are ready for sale! These Koi have been grown out since the spring so they have gone through quarantine and KHV testing already, available to be shipped. As a precaution, it is still best to do further quarantine. We have koi in all sizes and varieties and are working tirelessly to document and upload photos and videos so please stay tuned!      

The price...

2019 Koi from Ogata Koi

Our new Koi from Ogata Koi Farm will be ready for sale starting this weekend! We’ve done our best to quarantine them and get them healthy for your pond, but we recommend that you further quarantine them for your own safety, especially if you buy Koi from multiple sources and your pond has Koi valuable to you. There is always a caveat when...

Dainichi Jumbo Tosai videos