Special Growing Contest featuring Jumbo Tosai from the breeder Dainichi

May 21, 2016

To All Aspiring Koi Keepers,

This year we have a Special Growing Contest featuring Jumbo Tosai from the breeder Dainichi. We will be having the sale on May 28th, 2016 at 2:00pm.

For this contest, I will grow the koi out for you! The koi entered will be grown starting from the beginning of June to be harvested mid-November for the contest. A date will be announced at a later time.
The koi will be judged at the end of the growing season based on overall growth and koi show criterion.

We have approximately 80 pieces available for sale for this contest with only the first 40 purchased eligible for the grow out. A minimum of 10 koi must be sold for the contest to take place. Each koi is priced at $600 apiece. We will do our very best to keep them alive and healthy but no refunds or exchanges will be made in the event the koi loses color, becomes sick, injured, or dies.

This contest will have a cash prize based on the quantity of koi sold; if all 40 spots are filled, the cash prize will be $2000, otherwise $1000, winner- takes- all.

Set up
The koi will be divided into 4 tanks (A,B,C,D) at random with each tank consisting of approximately 20 koi. All contestants will be assigned to a tank based on a free drawing. The contestant must remain at their assigned tank for the first 5 minutes where they are free to make any purchases. After the time is up, the contestant is free to navigate to the other tanks to view and purchase the other koi. Koi purchased will be immediately removed from the tank and moved to the growing facility.

Each contestant will be assigned one bowl and one net. The contestant cannot leave koi unattended in the bowl and cannot transfer koi between the tanks.

When catching the koi, please be mindful of other participants and be gentle so as not to damage the koi; refrain from touching the koi with your hands! We hope you enjoy our Special Growing Contest!


Andy Moo

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Andy Moo is the owner of Andrew's Koi International. He has been conducting business at the same location since 1994. Andy invites you to visit at his shop and admire the beautiful koi. His koi shop is located about two miles west of Disneyland.

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