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Japanese Koi by price range

Below we have organized the koi for sale by price. The prices are for each koi. Some fish have been placed within the same tub. To view the entire selection, please click on the image or the title for the price range you are interested in.



Dainichi Certificate Japanese Koi Sale

We are working very hard to promote Dainichi Nishikigoi which grows big and beautiful to all over the world in Toyota city where the condition of breeding is well-organized.

Doitsu Sanke by Hiroi

Doitsu Sanke

Hiroi Certificate Japanese Koi Sale

What we are working on very hard is to breed beautiful and healthy Nishikigoi. Our Goshiki has been bred and cherished by our farm in 70 years history.

Our Goshiki has attractive character in deep bule base color which turns as it grows and Beni (Red) in particular of Goshiki.

We keep working hard in the hope that you enjoy and appreciate the charm of “Hiroi Goshiki”

Hoshikin Koi


Hoshikin Certificate Japanese Koi Sale

To reach extreme on Kohaku, we have been breeding Kohaku single-mindedly. This effort paid off in such way that our fish won grand champion at All Tokai region Koi show in two consecutive years. We keep on working very hard so that when people is talking about Kohaku, they name “HOSHIKIN KOHAKU” in the first place.

Showa by Ogata


Ogata Certificate Japanese Koi Sale

The farm started with 40 ares of land in 1972. The next year, one “Kohaku” and one ” Taisho Sanshoku” spawned. We have exerted ourselves to expand the farming area, and increase production and qualities.

The number of farming areas is now eight green houses, five mud ponds over 1 hectare, three mud ponds over 3 hectares and mud pond for fry.
There are fifteen staffs in Ogata koi farm today.

In the meantime, we have established annual prize winning at the “All Japan Koi show”.  One of our best koi is the Grand Champion,“Benimaiko” of the 21st Show.

We have been providing beautiful traditional Japanese Nishikigoi to the world.



Omosako Certificate Japanese Koi Sale

We breed Shiroutsuri in the hope that we can make Shiroutsuri as much attractive as Gosanke in every respect. The fascination of Shiroutsuri attributes to the fact that only the contrast in light and shade can make it possible with infinite expression although this koi has only two color in Back and White such as Black and White drawing. Our ultimate goal will be to reach to the extreme of Shiroutsuri and to be champions in all of the class from 12 cm Bu to 90 cm Bu beating Gosanke. We keep making every effort with the motto of “breeding to be able to create the needs”


Kohaku – MLegend

Sakai Certificate Japanese Koi Sale

We are working very hard to breed the Koi which is to be bigger than any other breeders as well as to be competitive at Koi show but most of all, to meet with the customers requirement. We mainly breed Gosanke. Taking Kohaku for example, although being based on the Sensuke bloodline, we breed the Koi in such way that our Koi has its own style evolving from typical of Sensuke bloodline. As for Sanke, we use Kohaku in good body shape for female parent and make coupling with Sanke for male parent. As for showa, after making improvements one another, it appears good results. Especially our expectation is very high as far as the 2 year showa this year is concerned.

mixed breeder koi


Mixed Breeder Koi

We sell Certificate Japanese Koi. We have other koi available, if interested call of send us a message via our on-line contact form. If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by to view our selection of koi. We look forward to meeting you.



Andy Moo is the owner of Andrew's Koi International. He has been conducting business at the same location since 1994. Andy invites you to visit at his shop and admire the beautiful koi. His koi shop is located about two miles west of Disneyland.