2015 Growing Contest winners

To Koi Keepers,

This year’s Annual Koi Growing Contest was a successful. I want to thank everyone that participated.

We hope everyone had a great time.

We hope to see everyone next year.

Here are the 2015 Growing Contest winners

  1. Grand Champion – Kimchi – Kohaku

  1. Super Growth – Chin Lim – Sanke

  1. Best Finished – Jeff Fleischer – Showa

  1. Best in Gosanke – John – Sanke

  1. Best Pattern – Linh Bui – Tancho Goshiki

  1. Best Non Pattern – David Nguyen – Asagi

  1. Tategoi (A) – Kariman Dadbeh – Shiro Utsui

  1. Tategoi (B) – Greg Peterson – Showa

  1. Judge’s Award – Nori -Kohaku

  1. Andy’s Favorite – Trung Nguyen – Sanke

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