Caring For Your Koi

Setting Up a Quarantine Tank   Setting up a tank about 200-500 gal. Use your pond water and build its own filter, fill with some of the existing filter media and cycle your water through the filter once an hour. Keep your new koi in this quarantine tank for at least 3 weeks. Keep its top covered with net to prevent jumping, and half cover with dark plastic for security so the fishes have less stress. New Koi may carry bacteria or parasites, therefore treat them with medicine or chemicals. If Koi appear clean and healthy, treat only with rock salt (Using 5-lb/100 gal). If you need water change, always use existing pond water to give your new koi a chance to get use to your pond contents. After three weeks or more, when Koi appears strong and healthy, release the Koi into your pond.   When You Get Home Place the unopened bag with y our koi inside the … Continue reading Caring For Your Koi